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One or two months before:

  • Contact our company, Bailly Movers and make an appointment with a commercial advisor
  • Book the date of your move
  • Where to rent a vehicle and alert your friends who will be available to help you
  • Start packing boxes
  • If you want to reserve parking spaces in order to move out and move in, ask the town hall to have its technical services put up signage
  • Warn your neighbors. Beware of the fake movers who come the day before the D-Day and « quietly » move your belongings, to just end up disappearing with the truck. Easy for them to declare that they were wrong on the day they are caught in the act!

A week before:

  • Remind your friends to set a meeting time for the move
  • Arrange childcare and family pets
  • Finish packing
  • Take down everything that is on the wall, screwed, or nailed…
  • Empty your fridge and freezer
  • Go get the clothes given to the cleaners, developed photos, shoes left with the shoemaker…
  • Take valuables to the bank, such as, your jewelry
  • Notify the building superintendent of the date and time of your move
  • Photocopy several times the access maps of your two addresses to distribute them to all the people coming to help you
  • Also photocopy the furniture installation plan that you will give to the big guys

One or two days before:

  • Unplug the refrigerator, freezer and other electrical appliances
  • Drain everything that contains liquid
  • Hang the drum of the washing machine
  • Prepare business cards to give your number to the movers or friends that are present that day
  • Keep enough to clean both homes, the old and the new one, but also the objects and furniture transported
  • Stick labels on the doors of each room so that the movers can easily identify them: children’s room, parent’s room, dining room, office

Right after the move:

  • Don’t forget to clean the old apartment or house
  • Make the inventory of your old home if you rented it
  • Turn off the water, gas and electricity
  • Close the shutters
  • Remove your name from your old mailbox and put it on the new one

During the following month:

  • Do not forget to change your address on your registration card
  • Also think about your papers
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