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Moving by sea

The success of moving by sea is conditional on the choice of the shipping company, as well as the receptive agent at the desired destination.

With our excellent network and our large moving flows, we are able to perfectly control the costs and quality of our service providers in order to present you with the best quality / price / service ratio on the market.

Again our strategy is based on a thorough knowledge of the international market and its network.

Freight forwarders are selected based on their preferences for a continent.

The agents at destination must, for their part, comply with the requirements of our procedures.

Finally, thanks to our new measurement tools with our e-tracking system, we are able to locate your container at any time. Whatever the destination of your move, you know where your goods are and know the delivery times of your container.

Moving by air

This type of transport is traditionally used for small volumes and fast shipments. It is also more frequently used for personal necessity items. The rest being transported by sea.

This type of transport requires good training of personnel in packaging techniques.

The team leader must also inform his client on the weights and dimensions being loaded.

Weighing scales are used for this purpose.

Moving by land

This mode of transport is used for European destinations. We believe it is the most difficult mode of transport to grasp because it requires a perfect mastery of logistics and coordination relating to road problems.

Despite its constraints, it remains the greatest specialty of our group, with more than 40 years of experience in the field.

To this end, we have a large fleet of trailer trucks with a volume of 100m3 each. All vehicles are equipped with the latest European standards (Euro 4 and Euro 5) allowing a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Thus, our group remains in perfect harmony with its environmental policy.

We carry out all our deliveries in house no matter where the destination in Europe is.

Our circuits are always perfectly organized thanks to our affiliation to the EUROMOVERS network (first European network) and also thanks to our « Coordination » service. Its function is to optimize our road circuits. So we make our customers benefit from this optimization by offering them a perfectly studied price and especially corresponding to their journey.

All of our drivers are trained in eco-driving. Their international experience also allows them to master languages such as English, German, Spanish or Portuguese.

Our expertise

Having entrusted your goods to BAILLY INTERNATIONAL is all about handing over your assets in the hands of great professional movers, with over 40 years of experience in the international scene.

However, international moves are long, complicated and often tedious administrative procedures. The distance and the risks linked to any international transfer can cause, occasionally, losses or damages.

It is in this context that the BAILLY warranty comes into play.

Our insurance offers its customers the best possible cover, whatever the risk, and whichever country of destination.

For our clients, it is a damage insurance option, that covers all the possible risks linked to an international move: risk of breakage, replacement value warranty, delay, failure to meet deadlines for completion, coverage of strike risks, risk collision in port areas…

For insurance contracts, we have been working for more than 10 years with one of the world’s largest brokers called « the MARSH firm ».

Their international position thus makes it possible to very quickly appoint an expert for an assessment or even a damage commissioner when the situation requires intervention.

Our international services

Thanks to its partner, EMOBILIA, specializing in assistance and advice for geographic mobility, the company is able to offer services such as:

  • Obtaining and renewing visa / residence permit
  • Obtaining work permits / insurance coverage…
  • Importing your vehicle and compliance
  • Changing driving license / registration card
  • Import of pets
  • Provision of interpreter
  • Language training
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